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Paneuropa Sweden has about 270 members. The association receives no regular external funding and relies on the membership fees, at present approximatively 20 € annually. These funds are mainly used to cover expenses in connection with seminars and luncheon meetings. Administration is carried out benevolently. However, the modest funding reduces the possibilities to undertake larger actions that stretches beyond the members. Occasional actions such as large public seminars have been made possible through ad hoc funding, for example from the Folke Bernadotte Academy.

Paneuropa Sweden is always looking for collaboration with other institutions and organisations, such as the European Movement, other NGOs, research institutions and think tanks focussing on European issues. The association closely collaborates with the Stockholm representation of the European Commission and the Information Office of the European Parliament. 

The Board of the association consists of some 10 ordinary members among which the president, one or two vice presidents, of which one is also the general secretary, and the treasurer. Other members have defined regular tasks, such as organising the monthly luncheons, which include a speech by an invited guest, or arranging for the visits at the embassies. Ad hoc groups are set up to organise seminars. Paneuropa Sweden is very careful to stress that it is independant of any religious belief and not affiliated to any political party: the Board members are elected on grounds of their European commitment and experience and have always included prominent members from different political parties and organisations.

Paneuropa Sweden is pleased to notice the awareness of its actions, in particular at the governmental level: at the Foreign Affairs and other ministries, but also within important organisations such as the Association of Swedish Employers, the trade unions or the political parties. 

The Paneuropean Movement is a supranational organisation whose goal is the unity of Europe. Although the Paneuropean Movement is independent of all political parties, it holds clear and well-defined principles by which it appraises politicians, parties and institutions. The Paneuropean Movement has branches in most European countries and plays an active role for Europe´s unity.

During recent years the programme of the Association has been concentrated to three main activities, seminars, monthly luncheon meetings with invited speakers and visits to European embassies in Stockholm.

In addition to seminars connected to current events, such as meetings with candidates to the European parliament before the elections, efforts have been concentrated on a yearly half-day seminar on a European topic, build on the model ”Four talks about Europe...” thus with four subtopics.These seminars have attracted more than a 100 participants, mainly because of the quality of the high-level speakers: several ministers, secretaries of state, heads of government agencies, professors/heads of departments at the universities or the Academy of Science and so on. Invitations have been largely spread to the media, institutions with connection to European issues, ministries and governmental agencies. These seminars have also been broadcasted by the Swedish public service television.

Paneuropa Sweden has taken the initiative to a yearly commemoration of the Armistice Day on Novembre 11 under the heading "No more wars" and is also participating in events on May 9, the "Europe day".

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